Journey to the Edge of Love

Journey to the Edge of Love covers

Journey to the Edge of Love

The book covers for Joy Roberts-Pierre’s novel Journey to the Edge of Love.  See…


VIOLA PARKS is a wealthy, adventurous and worldly entrepreneur who lives life on the edge. Believing herself incapable of knowing love, she discovers she is helplessly submerged within love’s clutches.

JUSTINE PARKER, a lovely divorcee in her late forties, reaches out to life’s new possibilities after years of being alone, and travels with her new lover on an adventure into Africa.

Young and beautiful SALINA DIAZ becomes entangled in an unlikely love triangle with no way out.

SYLVIA CARTIER, the electrifying and spicy spitfire, schemes, plots, and uses her beauty and sexuality to get what she wants.


As four women’s lives intertwine, friendships form and unravel with the poison of jealousy, and finally succumb to betrayal and tragedy. Enter the minds and hearts of characters who will engage your emotions, and let them carry you on a journey to the edge of love.


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August 13, 2017