What They’re Saying

“Joe, we’re getting many jobs from our new website. We just signed a very nice one last week off the site!”

-Terry Clark, Upright Landscape

“Joe, thanks for the great work creating the U.S. edition of bp.com. Without a doubt a very professional, and importantly sensitive and caring performance.”
–Ross Pillari, former President and CEO, BP North America

“Joe, the Thunder Horse incident was an extraordinary event for BP, and it demanded an extraordinary team response. I want to personally thank you for your contribution and the very long hours of hard work. Your performance was exceptional.”
–David Eyton, BP Group Head of Research and Technology, London

“Without Joe’s commitment, vision and hard work, this global website would never have happened. A very special thank you. Great job!”
–Patricia Wright, President, Donovan Wright Advisors

“Not only is Joe a talented writer and editor, but he’s an effective manager who gets the job done while being extremely easy to work with. I recommend him highly.”
–Cindy Martin, Principal, CM Communications, Chicago

“Joe is able to identify and implement a broad spectrum of communications tools based on client need, and he is a strong writer, editor and designer.”
–Marti Powers, General Manager, BP Govt & Public Affairs

“Joe is a seasoned communications professional, editor, project manager and accomplished international author. It has truly been a pleasure to collaborate with him at BP America, Inc.”
–Darlene M. Bissonnette, BP Web Content Production Mgr., CEO, Tabraea’s Consulting, Inc., Houston

“Joe, my new website is fantastic! It’s so much more dynamic than my old one, and it really sells! Thank you for your hard work.”
–Marianne Massucci, Founder/Owner, Cherry Court Studios Art Education, Pittsburgh

“Joe, the new website looks awesome. Thanks for the great work.”
–Bryan Wood, IPACS, LLC., Cambridge, Wis.

“Joe is a top-flight communicator.”
–Bill Tanner, Manager, Corporate Communications, ConocoPhillips

“Joe, our new global website looks terrific. You should be proud.”
–David Bickerton, Director of BP Communications, London

“Joe, your U.S. version of bp.com is an important tool within our communications mix, a rich source of information and deserves a high profile.”
–Giles Sutehall, Manager, BP Group Communications, London

“Bp.com/us looks fantastic and is very reader friendly. Anything you want to know about BP in the United States is only one click away and very easy to find. Great job, Joe.”
–Paula Barnett, Director, BP Government Public & Affairs, Denver

“Your Planet BP website for employees is the best on the BP intranet. It just looks better — it’s more attractive and inviting than any of BP’s websites. And it meets all the BP visual standards.”
–Clarence Jeffries, BP Indirect Procurement & Six Sigma, Transformation & Systems

“I think the improvements you’ve made to communications in BP will make our company stronger during and after these difficult times. And thanks for opening up an additional medium with the President’s Blog.”
–John Foster, Programme Manager, BP IT, Houston

“A President’s Blog is a great way to communicate in a more informal manner. I think the comments section will prove to be a hit with employees.”
–Cathy Colbert, BP Legal, La Palma, Calif.

“Your President’s Blog is a very welcome development in the way we communicate internally in BP. I’ve been reading all of the e-mails, but it’s not the same as being able to see other people’s thoughts and comments.”
–Ken Douglas, BP Technology Director, Sunbury, UK

“Your President’s Blog is a great idea, and it provides a great forum for two-way employee communication.”
–Linda Wilson, Environmental Superintendent, BP Whiting refinery

“I cannot state strongly enough how important it is for senior leaders to help employees regain their sense of pride in this great company. This blog is a great initiative in support of that objective, and an opportunity for all of us to share how we feel and what we think can be done to rebuilt trust.”
–Paul Giblett, Manager, Communications and Engagement, Wayne NJ

“Thanks for an open and inclusive format. I think this blog is possibly the most effective tool there is in acquiring truth and honesty. An open line to the president of the company is new and refreshing.”
–Joe Dekelaita, BP Texas City refinery

“Joe, your weekly e-newsletter is a very convenient way for folks to capture the most recent highlights, and it looks great too. Congratulations on a wonderful addition to our internal comms effort.”
–Howard Miller, President, Miller Communications, Chicago

“I love your ‘Round-Up’ e-newsletter. It gives employees here in Europe a lot of really helpful context on events happening over your side of the pond.”
–Sarah Read, Communications & Engagement, BP Business Marketing Unit

“I want to say what a useful and informative communications tool you’ve created in the ‘Round-Up’ e-newsletter. I really enjoy reading it each week!”
–Brian Miller, Senior Director, BP US Government Affairs

“Joe, I want to compliment you on your weekly Planet BP ‘Round-Up’ e-mail. It’s always a good read and helps me catch up on the US as a whole.”
–Mike Phillips, Head of Culture Change & Communications, R&M Strategic Businesses, BP International Ltd.

“Joe, I want to commend you on your great efforts in launching and managing BP’s first crisis communication website. The site is brilliant, and has proven indispensable in dialoguing with our publics in the aftermath of the Texas City refinery explosion.”
–Tony Hayward, former BP Chief Executive